May your days be Merry and Bright with the glow of Lightsabers.

Today we will be heading up to my parents house to celebrate.  I’m truly surprised how fast Christmas snuck up on us this year.  I am seriously looking forward to playing with the kids and their new toys!  Is it bad that I take as much joy in their gifts as they do?  Nahh It just means when we play it’s funner for them cause Dad’s “Getting into it” The real trick will be how many gifts am I unaware of.  Typically we only buy for the kids and re wrap some things we have so it looks like we all got gifts fro Christmas.  Though my wife and I always manage to smuggle in a gift or two that is new.

Add to this with Star Wars Celebration 5 coming this year in one respect I’ve already gotten my Christmas gift seeing how I’m going with for our EUCast podcast.

Well I hope you read this in good health, and may happiness follow you along your journeys.