The house was a Hail of Nerf darts.  I looked to my left.  No good, the boy was guarding the left with his Maverick.  That left the starboard side of room open.  But for how long?

Figuring it’s now or never I made my move.  Just then the patient daughter opened fire from her sniper perch behind the TV stand.  Darts flew.  I dove.  Only to roll across the floor to come up at the Computer desk behind the recliners.  Finally cover!  But this too proved short lived.  For at that moment my partner.  My OWN Partner used her single dart to end me.  I laid lifeless on station orbiting Kashyyyk with a suction dart sticking from between my eyes.  Betrayal is a dish best served to the unsuspecting…

That said the Nerf N-strikes we bought were a success.  The kids were able to over look the fact that Dad forgot to “Charge” the Electric Scooter.  When the kids woke up my son was nice enough to wake his sister before checking out the gifts.  I give him credit, when I was that age I’d have scoped the prizes myself before getting the sister up.  I was a Sith in that regard.

Their Great Grandmother braved the elements to travel south 390 miles for the Christmas festivities.

Great times were had by all over the last 2 nights. And plenty of memories were captured.

I wish everyone out there in the GFFA and beyond a very Happy and Merry Holiday Season!