So we awake on the morning of the 26th with no power.  Unfortunately this turned into an all day event.  The city I live in had a transformer station go out or some such thing.  The shirty thing about it was that my neighbor had power, just not our house down.  The good thing was that my Parents house was still receiving juice.

So we bundled into our van, (the one with no heat in the front, but needs to blow cold air so the rear can crank out heat) and I had to fight the garage door.  “In case of Emergency Pull” it reads.  It should say “In case of emergency THROW YOURSELF INTO THIS THING!”

I was contemplating dismantling the door at one point.   But before I did I gave it one last pull and really hung on to the thing and used my 200 lbs to good use.  (so little do I get to use it for good!)  We were up at my parents for most of the day, so we managed to keep the kids warm for most of the day.  But even my parents house was not immune to the power issues, they too lost power around 6pm, just before it was dark out.

We spent a few more hours at the parents playing dice in the candlelight.  We even bust out the old Kerosene lamps from when I was a young boy growing up in the backwoods when we had no power.  So it was a treat to show the kids what it was like for Dad as a kid at night.  It wasn’t like we had plenty of light at night, but at least we had a wood stove then.

My current house at the moment has no working heat.  We have had to bust out the plug in units recently after the big cold storm came through and knocked the heating unit out.  So when we finally received our call from the power company saying power was restored we still had to get the house warm.   It was by far one for the coldest days on “my family’s” lives!

Heck we even went to the BK Lounge to eat and heat up.  We were laughing at the fact that many people in town were doing the same thing.  You’d go out side and see the snow level just creeping down the mountains.  I enjoyed the day (aside from the COLD- I hate being cold messes with my back!) but the kids were freaked out when they were caught in the black outs at my parents and when the power fluctuated a few times after they said it was fixed.

I had to explain to my daughter that “you can’t die when the power goes out.”  Her little heart was convinced she’d just die in the dark or something.

I guess all in all it could have been worse- it could have been during a thunder storm.  My wife is terrified of those, and hence my kids hate them as well.  But I’m the storm junky.  I don’t mind a little Hoth action every now and again.