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“Alright boys and girls sit back and strap your crash webbing tight it’s going to be a rough ride!  At the helm is none other the the Ol’ Rogue himself illogicalRogue2!  He’s going to take us on a trip and give us a quick look back on the last year of Star Wars EU.

So looking back of Star Wars EU for 2009 there are plenty of things to talk about!  From the long awaited releases of projects like The Essential Atlas & the instant Cult Classic DVD Fanboys to the continuation of The Force Unleashed with it’s The Ultimate Sith Edition.

-Now in no way will I try ranking these in any order.  I am focusing more on big events of SWEU.

We witnessed Comic series like Invasion rise, and we’ve witness others will fall- Rebellion, Kotor, and The Clone Wars Digests.

  • Invasion: Refugees

The new series first story arc is set during the New Jedi Order era.  It chronicles the events of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion through the eyes of Finn Galfridian, a Prince who’s now a Refugee turned Jedi trainee.  The first series while some-what slow, sets the stage for a great story.

  • Rebellion: Vector

While Rebellion ended it’s run in 08, it wasn’t until February of 2009 that we were told that the Rebellion line was officially dropped after the Vector multi-series crossover story moved on to Legacy.  This was a series that was setting up multiple stories and was cut before it’s tale was fully told.

  • Kotor: Demon

Arguably one of Star Wars best comic lines to date.  And after announcing this year that the series ends with issue #50, we get DEMON.  John Jackson Miller is lacing up plots and tying things together smoothly!  There are still 2 more issue to come, but fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats waiting to learn how everything ends.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars

It was announced recently that this Clone Wars series will be ending with #12.  While I have not had a chance to collect this one yet.  Poor sales have driven publishers to pull the line from it’s list.

  • Star Wars: The Essential Atlas

Best item of 2009. How many fans couldn’t wait to get their little mitts on this one?  I know I was excited to get mine!  The Atlas was a project that was years in the making.  The maps and details are beyond mind blowing.  They had so much information they couldn’t even fit it all and had to create the Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion.  One could get lost for days in all that information!

  • Star Wars: Death Troopers-


Zombies + Star Wars = Epic!  Ok so there is nothing that scares me more then a Zombie.  And having read a few Zombie stories before, reading Death Troopers was a fun ride!  The descriptions for the story left you chilled.  And for those who don’t quite enjoy Zombies there were Han and Chewie- the life lines. (the characters you KNOW will survive) Using Han and Chewie was a bold move that some would say created more issues then helped.  But for me it worked.  And the best news was there will be a prequel to this one!

  • Star Wars: Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil

Holy Sith Lords True Believers!  Bane has had enough!  Zannah needs to step up or…Die!  This novel is the 3rd of the Bane novels and brings once more the quality one has found in Drew’s writing styles.  The characters drive this story set in a time when the Jedi aren’t the story’s heroes.  And Drew brings life to Set Harth and The Huntress in ways that made both characters instantly enjoyable for very different reasons.  I hope the powers that be decide to continue this series! For I am enjoying seeing the Sith’s early struggles with the Rule of Two!

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Announced

So when the VGA’s announced the future in SW gaming- the fans were there waiting.  And as with Fandom the jury is divided.  Some are thrilled.  Others disappointed, and others still are wary.  But rest assured good or bad this one will be one heck of a ride.  Unlike 09’s The Force Unleashed The Ultimate Sith Edition this game’s story will be cannon.  And unlike what we THOUGHT WE KNEW, Galen Marek is very much alive…somehow.  So join in with the rest of us as we wait to learn more about the fate of Vader’s Starkiller…

  • Star Wars Celebration V: Announced

Seriously!  Hell yeah!  No scratch that all 9 Hells Yeah!  So when it was announced December that Star Wars Celebration 5 will be held in Florida EUCantina.net went into action!  We will be there this year and look forward to meeting all the other fans who share the love for SWEU.  Everyday is one day closer to CV!  Can’t wait to see you there!

  • Star Wars: TOR Trailer

The Old Republic: Deceived

When Lucas Arts announced TOR many fans were already drooling.  But when the trailer hit the net we went APE!  So many fans follow the site for this game daily for new updates and insights into this new era of SWEU.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Animated Series)

Ok so I was a disbeliever.   Never have I been happier to be wrong.  This show is Great!  Many fans feel this show has done damage to SWEU.  So each week when a new episode plays we all sit and watch rampant to the TV looking for errors as we enjoy the great cinematic action!  But the Continuity would not be ignored- and in August after a few photos and concept works were leaked on the web- the fans went into an uproar.  And in the middle of it all- stood Karen Traviss.  Some love her, some hate her, some couldn’t care less.  But no one can deny that Karen Traviss’s departure from SWEU was in part to TCWAS, and continuity.  When fans learned that her later works were canceled many turned to TCWAS as the reason.  It was funny, while at the same time an ugly time for SWEU Fandom.  It was like a civil war.  How do you like you’re Mando?  Then after the release of Imperial Commando 501st Karen announced that she would not be finishing the IC series.   This would be the first SW Adult Novel series to  end mid run, and as such LFL and RH are looking into tapping another writer to finish the series.  This all comes from a picture of Mandalore barren with a “cube city”  and furthered by the Atlas’s statement of the Mandalorians becoming a pacifistic group.   Now the funny thing- as of 09 no Mandalorian or the planet Mandalore have been in any Episode of TCWAS….  So why didn’t I rank Karen’s leaving?  Well for me it was the reason’s Karen was leaving in August that let me give TCW a second chance.  I typically catch the show when it hits DVD, but after hearing that Ryloth was changed, and the rumored Mandos I had to see what the hub bub was.  Boy am I glad I did.  Even when things like comlinks working in hyperspace happen I still have fun watching the fandom’s reactions to this show.  Plus now that 2010 is approaching the Mandalorian issue will soon be coming to life.

So I guess I’ll be seeing you on the boards!

So with that boys and girls I wish you a Happy New Year!

Now get off my shuttle!