Straight from here’s a look ahead at some of the titles that Dark Horse Comics has scheduled for April and beyond.

Star Wars: Purge — The Hidden Blade Written by Haden Blackman; Art and Cover by Chris Scalf On sale April 7th. 40 pages.On a remote world, Darth Vader chafes at the assignment given to him by the Emperor: guarding an Imperial manufacturing facility from the anti-Imperial natives. Vader feels the duty is beneath him — until he learns that a Jedi Master and his Padawan are in league with the natives!

Now the game is afoot, and Vader is on the trail of his favorite prey. No ambush, no local monstrous lizards, will deter him his pursuit. Woe be to the Jedi when Vader catches up with them! This one-shot follows Revenge of the Sith!

Star Wars: Legacy #47 “The Fate of Dac” Written by John Ostrander; Pencils by Jan Duursema; Inks by Dan Parsons; Colors by Brad Anderson; Cover by Sean Cooke On sale April 28th; 40 pagesThe Sith poison the waters of the ocean planet of Dac in an effort to wipe out every living thing — but Admiral Gar Stazi isn’t ready to abandon the native Mon Calamari without an attempt at evacuation.

Time is against him, and securing the assistance of his new Imperial allies will decide whether this rescue is a success . . . or a suicide!

Plus: The Rogue Squadron returns!

Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago… Volume 1 Written by Roy Thomas, Don Glut, Archie Goodwin, Mary Jo Duffy; Art by Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer, Terry Austin, Bill Wray, Walt Simson and others On sale June 16; 480 pages trade paperbackCollecting the first twenty-six issues of the Marvel Comics Star Wars series that launched in 1977 (the same year as the first film), this first volume of Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago . . . is a must have for any Star Wars fan!

Future volumes will include material not previously collected along with the consecutively numbered Marvel run: the comics adaptation of Return of the Jedi, material from Marvel UK, the Droids and Ewoks series, and other rare Star Wars comics.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars — In Service of the Republic Written by Henry Gilroy and Steven Melching; Pencils by Scott Hepburn; Inks by Dan Parsons; Colors by Michael E. Wiggam; Cover by Ramón Pérez On sale June 30th; 80 pages digest-sized trade paperbackJedi Kit Fisto and Plo Koon take on a daring assault mission with a squad of tough Republic commandos on the ice planet Khorm. The Jedi seek to free the Separatist-enslaved Khormai people and destroy the Separatists’ mountain fortress. But on this assignment, nothing will come easy! An intense snowstorm, a cowardly Republic captain, and the arrival of feared assassin Asajj Ventress with her elite commandos test the skill of the Jedi and the Republic forces!