Geekologie brings us something that may be too much for SWEU Fandom.

YOW YOW!: Sexy Star Wars Burlesque Show

Alright champ, your wet dreams have finally come true: Star Wars burlesque. I’d keep writing now but I’m fairly confident you’ve already hit the jump and stripped your pants off in one awkward flourish. Nice socks.

Hit the jump to see a whole bunch more Boba, Darth and Storm Trooper, along with preview of Leia, C3PO and Jabba (not even kidding) , and the link to the entire 40-pic gallery of them all.

It takes all kinds.

OK so we all knew it was a matter of time.  Any one watch Zach and Miri?  Star Whores ring a bell?  Think about it.  All the classics have Star Wars in them somewhere.  So it was a matter of time before it moved to the burlesque shows.

Though I find the whole thing funny.  One has to wonder.

What has SW Fandom come to 😛