Straight from the Mother Site: is pleased to announce our new partner website, Solo Sound produces and hosts all of our EUCantina podcasts.

Solo Sound was created primarily to produce and host all podcasts. is a Star Wars Expanded Universe fansite that reports news, provides EU material reviews, and conducts interviews with some of the biggest names in Star Wars. With all of that being taken into account, EUCantina felt like it had to expand into a separate website for its many podcasts.

Solo Sound currently produces four unofficial Star Wars podcasts: EUCast, We Talk Clones, The EU Review, and Star Wars Gaming Now. Of these four, only EUCast is produced live. You can listen to EUCast live every Thursday at 9:00 EST here.

Podcasts are not the limit for Solo Sound. Starting this year, Solo Sound will be producing Star Wars audio dramas. Fan audio dramas are a fun way to tell original or adapted Star Wars stories through audio.

In the future,  Solo Sound will give other Star Wars fans a place to host their podcast or audio drama, so that they never have to go through the work of creating a website or setting up a feed. Solo Sound also gives other podcasters or Star Wars websites the chance to promote themselves on our podcasts, for free.

A massive group of Star Wars fans have worked to create Solo Sound. We would like to thank  Ted McDonald, Austin Blankenship, Andrew Lupi, William Devereux, Nathan P. Butler, Mark Hurliman, Tom Pniewski, and Stephen Rice for all of their hard work on the website and/or the podcasts.

Solo Sound also produces original music used for parts of the podcasts.