What have I done?  Indeed Fanboys and girls I have done it!  I have my copy of Backlash, and have yet to finish CrossCurrent or Stealth!  The Backlash of Backlash leaves me wondering why I’m slacking!  It’s not like Crosscurrent’s a bore; in fact it’s GREAT.  So in light of my dilemma I’ve sent my father my copy of Stealth to read while I finish CrossCurrent and start Backlash.  Sorry Obi-wan you take the backseat to BACKLASH!

I mean I could wait, but we all know I most enjoy the later stories in the SWEU timeline, that or the ones way in the past more then Clone Wars stories.

Now some little tidbits; did you know Aaron Alston had health issues recently that hampered his writing?  Well fear not it’s Aaron!  He pulled through and added more to the plot.  After fan reactions to the page count on Omen for the Hard Cover price of $27.00 many fans felt they are just cash cows for Lucas Books and Del Ray to continue milking and said ENOUGH.  Well the good folks at Lucas Books took it too heart and had the Authors of the Fate of the Jedi series add new plots to the on going adventure.   This means the story’s you will be getting for your $27.00 should feel more like it is worth the money shelled out on it.

But the thing one has to ask themselves- do I want to wait?  Do I want to risk being SPOILED for over a year?  Seriously Fans do you?!