Season 3 of The Clone Wars will begin with a TV Movie?  Word is – NO!

Did you know that the 2008 The Clone Wars movie was actually a collection of episodes? That’s right Fanboys and Girls the main part of the film was composed of three episodes with similar titles originally meant to form a trilogy: “Castle of Deception“, “Castle of Doom” and “Castle of Salvation“, while a standalone episode called “The New Padawan“, was developed later in the movies production as a flashback episode during the series, became the opening sequence of the movie, eventually leading to the introduction of Ahsoka Tano.

Well apparently rumor had it that was not going to be the only TCW episodes to be arranged as a movie feature.  But just as fast as the rumor got out the reports of it’s accuracy followed.

Turns out our ‘straight from our friends at Club Jade news’ was a little case of being too good at catching all things Star Wars.  Miscommunications are to blame.  Still, it was a good catch.  So we won’t be getting a TV Movie after all, but if you keep in mind that TCW movie that hit the big screen was simply made up of regular episodes the content of this rumored movie will still be coming to you Season 3 on a TV near you!

If you couldn’t recall what started all this movie mystery, Club Jade had pondered a “TV movie event” earlier this year.  When word spread that Page 25 of the Penguin Young Reader catalog, listed The Clone Wars: Defenders of the Republic with this description:

Based on the TV movie event that will launch season 3 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series in October 2010, this novel follows a group of clone troopers as they rise through the ranks from cadets, to rookies, and all the way to elite ARC troopers.

It seemed obvious that a made for TV movie was coming.  But minuted after word came down, a confrimation came back that this was in error.

EUCantina later reports that Eddie wrote in with this-

“I just received word from Frank Parisi (in charge of the Penguin Young Readers’ Division) that the Penguin catalog mention of a tv-movie lead-in to Season 3 of the Clone  Wars is incorrect. Bummer!!!

“That information is incorrect, and due to internal miscommunication, it slipped out without being properly vetted”

But try not to fret, we’ll still be seeing the exploits of our favorite Clone Wars characters soon enough!  So keep your eyes and ears tuned for more word on this and more breaking Star Wars news

Sources: Club Jade, and EUCantina.Net