What?! A new Star Wars comic line coming this summer?  Yes, straight out of issue #116 of Star Wars Insider, and the words of Daniel Wallace, and John Jackson Miller, Star Wars: Knight Errant.  Before any cries of foul at the title, let me point out that the recent Star Wars Insider had the wrong title!  They mentioned that the title was still the Star Wars: Jedi working title which is an error.  Confirmation came from John Jackson Miller at the Dark Horse boards that Knight Errant is the correct title and that Jedi was dropped.  Though the Jedi title wouldn’t have really worked since they already had a series with the same Jedi title, with independent one-shots set during the Clone Wars.

This project is also the same crossover series replacing Kotor in the comic line up, that we heard about a while back going by the name Knight Errant.  The comic series will kick off this summer, and John Jackson Miller’s first full star wars novel will follow in 2011, also titled Knight Errant, and will deal with certain characters from the comic series.

Knight Errant the comic series will be an ongoing comic series, and word is that if you felt Star Wars: Dark Times was a stroll down misery lane kind of comic series, get ready for the previously unexplored Dark Ages of the Republic (DAotR)

Dark Age of the Republic will be a time frame, set during the Old Republic Era, (also known as the Sith Era).  It’s a time that has been unexplored until now, and is set in a time when the Republic is all but gone. The Sith are rampant, and the Jedi are few.

Series writer John Jackson Miller (Knights of the Old Republic) notes:

“We’re set a thousand years before Episode I, before the birth of Darth Bane and [other] figures readers are familiar with. It’s the Dark Age, a terrible plague and warfare-fraught era in which the Republic has curled up in a fetal position. The Jedi are powerful, but they can’t change the fact that the Sith are running rampant over species that once depended on the Jedi for security.”

True to the nature of the Dark Side, these Sith are fighting amongst themselves for power, which fortunate enough, has been the only thing keeping the Republic alive. If they could consolidate their forces the Sith would be unstoppable. But these Sith princelings are fighting over who will be leading the Sith during the final battle with the Republic, and who will be credited its killing blow.

Who stands for the Light in this era of Darkness? A lone 18 year old, female Jedi named Kerra Holt.

Kerra is described by Miller to be “driven” the story will focus on what a Jedi’s role and responsibilities are when they are alone in Sith controlled space.  Kerra will be with out the Order to help or support her in anyway.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, her enemies will be some of the most powerful Sith we’ve seen in a while.

One theme Miller will be bringing to Knight Errant, is that these Sith have strong family lines, and one family in particular will be the center of the new story’s plot.

The Sith Siblings Lord Odion and Lord Daimon, appear to be the biggest opponents mentioned so far.  Odion is a nihlist, looking for the greatest scale of destruction he can find, while his sibling Daimon takes Sith self glorification to whole new levels, he’s a solipsist and doesn’t believe anyone’s alive.  And that the whole galaxy is a game to him.  These are some deep villains!

In fact Miller hints the novel: “will detail the “Charge Matrica” that is at the root of the conflict between Odion and Daimon, as well as explore Kerra’s training and show how other worlds under Sith domination are faring.”

So get ready to climb on board the Knight Errant movement when the comic series releases this summer, and prepare yourselves for the next major Chapter of the Star Wars Saga!

Source:  Star Wars Insider #116 (page 74), Dark Horse