DemagolKnights of the Old Republic comic fans rejoice!!!  Straight from John Jackson Millers Blog Faraway Looks we discover that more of the Kotor saga will be revealed soon as a StarWars.Com Hyperspace exclusive!

I have a third piece of Knights of the Old Republic-era fiction coming to the Star Wars fan club site, Hyperspace. Tentative title: The Journal of Doctor Demagol.

This is something I had considered doing for a long time, potentially as a back-up feature for whatever issue of
KOTOR wound up having Demagol’s origin story. I’d always wanted to tell a story looking at the series from his point of view — getting into what was going on in the twisted mind inside the helmet. As it turned out, we ended up doing the origin story in #48, where we also had the Mass Effect Redemption preview and my short essay. But the longer-form piece was still bubbling in my mind, and I’m glad we’ve found a place for it. It’s a nice little coda to the comics series, and it was loads of fun to write. I don’t know when it’s scheduled to appear yet, but keep an eye on!

demagol_unmaskedIf you wonder who this Demagol character is and why you should care, check out any of the Knights of the Old Republic comics at or any of the other local comic book providers.

Miller’s Demagol was a Mandalorian scientist charged with discovering information regarding the Jedi and their powers.  His actions left a Legacy within the Mando’ade culture as well.

“We had a dirtbag geneticist like you once. Yes, a mad Mando scientist. Liked experimenting with kids. He’s been dust for millennia, but we still know what the name Demagol means. The irony is that it can mean either ’sculptor of flesh’ or ‘butcher’, so I reckon you two would have had a lot of cozy chats about how to screw up living beings.”Kal Skirata

It was the fact that Demagol was willing to experiment even on children that caused many Mandolorians to hold him in contempt in their eyes.  Later generations of Mando’ade introduced the word demagolka (which was derived from the Doctor’s name, and meaning “someone who commits atrocities, a real-life monster, a war criminal”) to the Mando’a language.

In short Demagol’s impacts are probably the most profound in the Kotor series, next to Zayne Carrick himself.  So stay tuned, to keep up to date as more details come forward!

Source: Faraway Looks, EUCantina.Net