Who’s going to Disneyland?  Well rumor has it we are.  And what do my never been to Disney eyes should appear?  But a tiny Jedi Mickey and an R2 unit to spare!  Yeah I think I found the souvenir I want to get me and the kids!

Here’s the announcement from Disney:

“The creative “Forces” at Disney and Lucasfilm are proud to announce an all-new character coming to the Disney Parks in April 2010. Every Jedi needs his own astromech droid, and Jedi Mickey is no exception. This spring we will be introducing Jedi Mickey’s own droid, R2-MK.

“This new character is exclusive to the Disney Parks, and he will be available at both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. It will come packed as a Hasbro action figure 2-pack along with Jedi Mickey and will retail for $18.95.”

Be ready for updates from the Jedi Academy as well, the kids will surely be enrolled in the Padawan and Youngling classes!

Source: StarWars.Com