Wow, all these crazy tie ins, I’m just floored!  First we have Starkiller officially a clone, followed by crazy site challenges and fun clues.  We had the epic trailer for The Old Republic MMO, Deceived.  Then came the Fatal Alliance and Deceived novel tie in announcements.  Webcomics coming to print, new worlds to explore and familiar ones with a new spin!

What does it all mean?  Well it seems clear that with the Star Wars: Legacy comic series ending and with it closing that end of the Era for now, the Star Wars Saga is delving into the past!  That’s right!  When you couple these projects with the Knights Errant comic series and Novel tie in by John Jackson Miller, the past is about to be blown wide open!

Look forward to Mandalorian pawns, Sith Lords, and Jedi on the defense, as well as epic battles both in space and with lightsabers and Force mastery!  The Light and the Dark collide in a struggle for the Galaxy, one to free it the other to control it!

Sorry, I’m just in shock- somehow I must get a new PC to play this epic Star Wars game… drat!  Then there is the next gen console, or I guess I could just go PC and play The Force Unleashed 2 on the PC as well.  So many options, all requiring plenty of money.  But dang if it doesn’t look like a spectacular story!  Look forward to The Force Unleashed 2, this fall, and TOR the MMO by next year.

And as always, May the Force be with you…