Man I sit here and think about the fact that Star Wars Legacy is about to end and get bummed.  I mean what a great run it’s been!  But I fear for the future here, I mean I was REALLY looking forward to more of the Mandalorians, did Mando-turned-Stormtrooper-turned-Rogue-Squadron-pilot-turned-Mando-again Hondo Karr find and kill Yaga Auchs and become the next Mand’alor?  What has become of the Alliance?  The Imperial Knights?  Heck the JEDI!  Where are my Solo’s!  (I’m pretty sure they are you Fel’s 😉  But what of Allana Solo?) C3p0?  Yes I even wonder about those Droid heads in issue 48, please don’t tell me one of those was him! lol

So much of this series appeals to me, and I’m sure to many Star Wars Expanded Universe Fans.  I hope that the folks with the power keep this vibrant era alive in some form or fashion!  I’m even more curious to know some of the past histories of more of these characters!  What’s going on with the rest of the galaxy?  John and Jan have not once left me wanting, and I don’t doubt they will now, but I still don’t want it to end!  With only 2 more issues left the Legacy story will be concluded and my questions might all be answered.  Time will tell. But either way I want more of this end of the timeline!