Can you tell me how to get, how to get to EUCast Street?  So this year while walking with the family I came across a local sign that was too good to pass up!  I mean I live in a not too big little city, and you’d never know it had so many little fun references.  I’ll elaborate:

Here is the road sign from our walk- EUCers take delight!

It would figure that EUC lands on the corner of South Park!  But as always you will note who’s on top!

Continuing with the bizzar of my town, when we went to eat later that day we stopped at the newly remodeled Tap Rock.  The place had burned to the graound a few years back and had taken a long time being rebuilt, no expense too great and every attention to the deatails, it’s a huge log cabin style place, with rivers designed to flow around it and statues of the scenic wildlife all around.  While exploring it’s charming decor I noticed something very familiar which set me to “freak out” mode as my wife calls it.  I call it “Geeking out”!

Take a look:

Did you catch it?  If you didn’t see the cool little feature, don’t worry most did first time.

I’ve got a money shot below:

Yeah so someone was crafty and slipped Vader into the scenic backdrop.  God Bless you!  There was also a few dinosaurs, but we’re not really interested in the Dinos- it’s all about the Vader!  The local Comic shop when it returned to out city had members of the 501st show up all dressed to impress as well.

I might complain about living in a small town when it comes to things like not having a Barnes and Nobles, or a super mall or amusment parks, but I will give it props for finding ways to keep this Star Wars Uber Geek smiling!