That’s right!  I just finished my weekly post covering the EU Releases This Week over at when what did I discover on the back of this weeks kick off of Blood Ties?

Well I’m not one to hold back, so here it goes.  Randy Stradley, Editor at Dark Horse, in his Written in Blood letter in the back of issue #1 mentions that the writer, artist  enjoyed the project so much they decided to continue the Blood Ties series with a second miniseries!

As if getting the Fetts wasn’t good enough we’ll get to see other blood related characters featuring in the next miniseries!  With the change to arc driven series don’t be too surprised if Blood Ties becomes a reoccurring comic line in Dark Horses arsenal.

This has a lot of potential when you think about it.  Dark Horse Comics has one of the largest runs of Star Wars comics to draw from already, and the Expanded Universe has plenty of families who have made lasting impacts on the galaxy far, far away.