Some days I feel like an addict. Like I’m addicted to the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. You will note I did not say “I’m addicted to Star Wars” That goes without saying. But to be a fan of the Expanded Universe takes dedication. Many times I’ve thought of turning in my Fandom badge as other friends of mine that I’ve made through Fandom have done in the past.

I’m stead fast. I’ll stand by my EU. That or I’m just addicted. The only action figures I may purchase – yep Expanded Universe. This is not to say I don’t enjoy the others too, but when you have so many different Star Wars items for sale the “hardcore” fan needs to pick and choose what items they “NEED” I need the books and comics. I can live without the games- it hurts to even say that, but it’s a reality.

I don’t “NEED” the new Clone Wars series, I do enjoy it for the most part. But then I despise it on a lower level as well. I’ve always said if TCW can add to the EU without destroying factors I’d be happiest.

But then anytime George goes back to work with Star Wars I get worried and excited. It’s no lie to say the man is a genius. But he irritates me to the 9 Corellian Hells as well. Things like Ryloth and the Mandalorians, Kit Fisto’s Eyelids, to AGAIN, when was Anakin Knighted? The fact that we are about to kick into season 3 and we still don’t know what the timeline is for this show? Where is that part of this grand planning? We can have the show’s 5th season already in planning but we can’t know a timeline?

This smacks of “Making it up as I go” George…..

You’ll probably win an award.

This gets back to my Expanded Universe addiction. I know in the bottom of my heart that if I heard the phrase “The Clone Wars is considered S-level canon” or “The Clone Wars is an in-universe show set in 40 ABY telling the tales of the Clone Wars to the next generation of the Galactic Alliance” I’d be able to watch EVERY SHOW with not a complaint one.
Not one!

Not even if George decided to make General Grievous fight Anakin Skywalker on Hoth! I could look the other way. I swear!

But then things from this show get ran with. All because George Lucas himself is at the helm. So instead of just saying that Mace’s R8 droid is an R2 unit with a Serial Number R2-84TR8 we get a fundamental change like: the R8 unit that Mace Windu uses is the R8 Model of the R series line. This would work if it hadn’t already been established that the R8 units weren’t created until MUCH LATER.

Next we will see Aura Sing loose all her back story…. (That’s sarcasm there- I don’t think we will, but we could. All it would take is the next Guide to Characters to drop it all…) All they have really said so far is we will not be seeing Sing USE THE FORCE during the Cone Wars cartoon show…. that’s not quite the same as saying she’s no longer Force sensitive.

My cynical side says they will cut it from her past, effectively taking a lot of good stories from the continuity.

But again don’t get me wrong- these kind of “NO FITS” allow for RETCONS, retroactive continuity, the Expanded Universes friend. But sometimes we have things that just can’t be retconed. Ryloth for example. The ONLY WAY that’s getting fixed is with a new planet.  But again going back to those earlier statements: if it was S-level there yeah go- problem solved.

The thing that irks me most though: sounding like a whiny arse Fanboy. But I AM ONE SO I MUST DEAL. Being addicted to the Expanded Universe will make me a Fanboy I guess. Cause I can’t give it up. It was the EU that kept my love for Star Wars going when other sci-fi shows were coming along. It’s my belief that through Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire and the following EU works that that interest in NEW Star Wars was once more rekindled. George had made it clear that he was done. But the fans wanted more, and the EU showed there was enough of us hooked on it to sustain the franchise.
I mean what did George give us?

Holiday Special.

I can see why many thought Star Wars was finished after viewing that work of art….
So again some-days I feel that the EU has made me a hopeless addict to Star Wars, that no matter how good or bad it will get I’ll get it either way.

I had to make the stance with Star Wars Insider, I’m not getting the subscription, and yet I’m still buying it off the stand, now for more $ and still hating that it focuses on the making of the OLD and new movies and only has a few pages for the Expanded Universe.
That and the fact that the EU cones 2nd to everything GL does makes me feel like the EU Fans are taken for granted. They know we’re all addicts. They know that it doesn’t matter if we leave the universe, too many of us can’t.

Like heroine addicts jonesing for a fix we await to see WHAT’S NEXT.

Some days its harder to be me then others. Who are you?