It’s been too long dear followers, you small dedicated few you! I’ve been busy recently with work, family, EUCantina, SoloSound, and EUCast, as well as a special little project with Pawel Trawinski from The Galactic Holo-Feed.  With so many things going on this year it’s time to stop and and say thank you. Thanks you to everyone who keeps me going.  For those who help drive me, and share the joys of this world, and that of a Galaxy Far, Far Away! Getting to report and podcast about Star Wars is a dream come true. And interacting with so many fans who share a love for the universe is more then words can describe.

My children have recently joined Scouting, and I am seeing and participating in the side of the program my parents used to enjoy. It has been so rewarding watching their smiles and seeing them both blossom into the people they will one day be. My son’s already working on getting his second Badge. He has so much fun, and I love seeing him come out of his shell. You get the kid talking about Star Wars and he’s like his Old Man, and can yak your ear off. He enjoys getting to wear a uniform and since his first few weeks he was able to wear my old one he felt super cool being the new guy with a shirt full of badges.

I had forgotten how much Scouting was a big part of my childhood. My parents were the Den Leaders of our Pack, and we lived so far out in the mountains that we were able to fall our own camp ground on our property. Classic times with friends Ty Schnacker, Kelly Preston, Alex Holmes, Craig Vanscoyk, Brian Buzwell, and so many more. The guys I recall that cracked me up the most back then were Howie Howard and Tim Burr. Tim had a sense of humor that matches few. Back then he’d fall a tree and yell “ME!” We would yell “Timber!” He’d yell “What?” Oh good times. And as I grew the good times I had with scouting continued even when I stopped being a Scout. I moved shortly after receiving my Arrow of Light and while I was embraced by the local Troop of the new city, I never rejoined officially.  I hope my kids are able to build great friendships through scouting, and so far it’s working.

I’m happy to say my son Gavin loves Star Wars almost as much as I, if not more in many ways. His opinions are always so insightful and fun. I love his obsession with Trooper Armor. The kid’s like me with ships in that regard. Probably because of his contact with the 501st for all those Birthdays from age 2 to 5. Thanks again to TB 7673 Ara M Roselani and TD 1722 Martin Varva,  and later TC 9502 Mike T Roseborough of the 501st. You all rock! But especially you Martin, who opened my eyes to the wonders the 501st can do for a child’s Birthday Party. I’ve never been a bigger hero then when Troopers, and Commander Cody no less arrived for HIS Birthday.

At the time Commander Cody was his absolute favorite Trooper of all and when Martin walked through the door all decked out, it was awesome. People can say at 2 a child isn’t into troopers and that stuff is lost to them- I beg to differ! My son did a double take and was in complete awe. When it came time for the cake he kept trying to give Ara the Scout trooper the same action figure off his cake. “You!” He’d say. And still from time to time he asks about the Troopers. I just wonder when I can bring them back- you see after 4 years of the 501st each party one ups the next. And the added pressure of pulling off the party left us parents too exhausted to even partake in the party. It was like being a referee in the super bowl. (not that I know what that feels like.) But at the end of the day, we have great memories and pictures. And my son’s love for Star Wars rests secured.

The trick now is getting my daughter back into Star Wars. She likes to play with her brother when he’s got his SW toys out, and she has most of all the female figures as well. But as we all know they are few and far. But now that she’s a more proficient reader in the 2nd grade she’s wanting to read on her own more and more. They have heard me read them The Hobbit, And Karen Traviss’s Hard Contact, but are currently enjoying the Junior Jedi Knights with Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila. And as she understands that Star Wars is full of Princesses she’ll learn that she fits right into Star Wars like her Dad and Brother. After all her favorite movies are the ones with Disney Princesses in them. And once I showed her the Star Wars Disney Princess images she came back around.

Unfortunately if there isn’t more epically cool female characters out there soon she may wan once more. My hope is that she’ll realize how much cooler Leia is in the EU, the only thing Leia is missing right now (as of Vortex) is Jedi MASTERSHIP, and her sons…. (couldn’t help myself.)

But seriously Leia is an excellent role model in so many ways. She was successful, and one of the most accurate shots in the whole Saga.  Plus she takes Vader’s torture like it’s no thing and didn’t reveal her true self to her Father unknowingly through the Force. That screams strong reserve. And what better way to continue these strong characters then through their children. And while Leia and Han’s sons may be dead, their eldest child; daughter Jaina Solo: Sword of the Jedi, and apparent mother of future Heirs to the Imperial Thrown is still alive and kicking and making her presence known.

No stranger to heart ache Jaina’s teen age years were thrust into war with the alien invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong entering the Galaxy and declaring the Galaxy theirs to purge; starting with Sernipedal a nothing frontier planet in the Outer Rim unimportant to all, but the site of the biggest death Star Wars Fandom had seen in decades.  When Jaina’s Father struggles with the reality that his youngest son saved everyone at the price of his best friends life, he snapped, adding to the heart ache the Solo family would feel throughout the Vong War.

When Jaina witnessed the loss of both of her brothers on the tragically successful Mission to Myrkr- one at the hands of his enemies in glorious battle, the other as a prisoner of war by a Jedi-exile-turned-Sith-turned-trouble; Vergere and her Yuuzhan Vong masters- Jaina was tested by the Force like never before. After almost succumbing to the Dark Side, Jaina is tempered and slowly forged into the Sword of the Jedi her Uncle Luke Skywalker would later proclaim her to be.  So needless to say I hope that my daughter continues to enjoy the books as much as I have because I think she would find the Solo women especially strong female role models.

Now if I can only keep my daughter from the love triangle that the authors made of Jaina’s life, she’ll be a step ahead.

WOW Talk about ranting. Anyway. I hope those of you out there reading this are doing well, and that the blessings of God and the Force and the Maker and whatever else is important to you- are upon you. In a time of recession, family makes things feel less stressful, so go out and enjoy yours today! We all get so wrapped up in our “nows” that we seldom stop and appreciate the little things.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Sithmas, Christmas, and a Happy New Year. And if you celebrate New Years be careful with beer.