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So does this mean I can mark off Clothing designer off my list of things to do in my life?

That’s right everyone!  I had a hand in one of the latest logos for EUCantina.

You can even buy these products with the logo!  The logo is the one I designed.  I took the EUCantina Hutt mascot image and went to work playing around.  I’ve had various designs and colors.  It was a lot of fun!

You can see some of the products you can find on the slideshow.

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You can also head over to Cafepress/EUCantina and get yours!  Also if you’d like some of my other images found here on a t-shirt- let me know and I’ll see about hooking it up!


Alright readers and would be followers!  Time to step up to the button!  Your Mand’alor is calling it is time to “Click” “I will follow you IR2” and follow me into battle! (A.K.A. subscribe to this Star Wars RSS feed!)

Heed the call!

Rogue’s 09 Year’s End Review

-Shuttle Attendant:

“Alright boys and girls sit back and strap your crash webbing tight it’s going to be a rough ride!  At the helm is none other the the Ol’ Rogue himself illogicalRogue2!  He’s going to take us on a trip and give us a quick look back on the last year of Star Wars EU.

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