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Well isn’t technology grand?! I’m broadcasting this from my phone. Sitting in a steaming hot tub, listening to the  Revenge of the Sith score while catching up on my reading of Shadow Games. Speaking of which, as awesome as this is right now. I really should get back to Geeking out. Aaaaah life is good!


Leebo action at its best!


Another Rogue Transmission

It’s been too long dear followers, you small dedicated few you! I’ve been busy recently with work, family, EUCantina, SoloSound, and EUCast, as well as a special little project with Pawel Trawinski from The Galactic Holo-Feed.  With so many things going on this year it’s time to stop and and say thank you. Thanks you to everyone who keeps me going.  For those who help drive me, and share the joys of this world, and that of a Galaxy Far, Far Away! Getting to report and podcast about Star Wars is a dream come true. And interacting with so many fans who share a love for the universe is more then words can describe. Continue reading

Some days…

Some days I feel like an addict. Like I’m addicted to the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. You will note I did not say “I’m addicted to Star Wars” That goes without saying. But to be a fan of the Expanded Universe takes dedication. Many times I’ve thought of turning in my Fandom badge as other friends of mine that I’ve made through Fandom have done in the past.

I’m stead fast. I’ll stand by my EU. That or I’m just addicted. The only action figures I may purchase – yep Expanded Universe. This is not to say I don’t enjoy the others too, but when you have so many different Star Wars items for sale the “hardcore” fan needs to pick and choose what items they “NEED” I need the books and comics. I can live without the games- it hurts to even say that, but it’s a reality. Continue reading

Another Crazy day

I’m not going to talk much about this YET….

But not too long ago (weeks) I was almost orphaned.  All it would have taken was one quick movement.  As it stands my family is now tied into some very real and very scary stuff.

It’s all so very unreal.

Details at eleven…..(no not really, more like once the trials over)

A very far far away moment for sure!

So does this mean I can mark off Clothing designer off my list of things to do in my life?

That’s right everyone!  I had a hand in one of the latest logos for EUCantina.

You can even buy these products with the logo!  The logo is the one I designed.  I took the EUCantina Hutt mascot image and went to work playing around.  I’ve had various designs and colors.  It was a lot of fun!

You can see some of the products you can find on the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also head over to Cafepress/EUCantina and get yours!  Also if you’d like some of my other images found here on a t-shirt- let me know and I’ll see about hooking it up!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to EUCast Street?  So this year while walking with the family I came across a local sign that was too good to pass up!  I mean I live in a not too big little city, and you’d never know it had so many little fun references.  I’ll elaborate:

Here is the road sign from our walk- EUCers take delight!

It would figure that EUC lands on the corner of South Park!  But as always you will note who’s on top!

Continuing with the bizzar of my town, when we went to eat later that day we stopped at the newly remodeled Tap Rock.  The place had burned to the graound a few years back and had taken a long time being rebuilt, no expense too great and every attention to the deatails, it’s a huge log cabin style place, with rivers designed to flow around it and statues of the scenic wildlife all around.  While exploring it’s charming decor I noticed something very familiar which set me to “freak out” mode as my wife calls it.  I call it “Geeking out”!

Take a look:

Did you catch it?  If you didn’t see the cool little feature, don’t worry most did first time.

I’ve got a money shot below:

Yeah so someone was crafty and slipped Vader into the scenic backdrop.  God Bless you!  There was also a few dinosaurs, but we’re not really interested in the Dinos- it’s all about the Vader!  The local Comic shop when it returned to out city had members of the 501st show up all dressed to impress as well.

I might complain about living in a small town when it comes to things like not having a Barnes and Nobles, or a super mall or amusment parks, but I will give it props for finding ways to keep this Star Wars Uber Geek smiling!

What is going on with Fandom these days?  I swear it’s like watching Team Jacob and Team what’s-his-butt duke it out over fan superiority.  You see the words “True Fan” being spouted off by kids who are probably too young to even get what the term once was.

I mean one minute we had 3 movies, then 6, then 9, then some tv shows.  And along the way Star Wars- both Expanded Universe and George’s “Vision” – have been evolving.

Some self described “True Fans” would say the titles for those who only liked the Original Trilogy, or only Georges “vision”  Call them the “Visionaries” or the “Movie Purest”  and even though not every fan fits into one of these lame new “LABELS” it continues.  You have your “EU fanatics” Your “Obsessed Fanboys” those who would rather George get his hands out of the box – these ones get the “Hater” label a LOT I notice.

You have the “Mando’ade” and the “Clone Wars elite”.  Who are at war over the “real story” behind the Mandalorians.

I mean in a Galaxy that should have room for everything it’s as at war as it’s title amongst fans.  Fandom is almost at a civil war!

Ok so a CIVIL WAR in Fandom is highly unlikely since most fans can’t agree about anything.  Oh sure we can agree about plenty, but at the core- each fan has their own outlook on what it should have been.

Take Jar Jar.

No Seriously TAKE HIM!!

I am one of those fans who would love to see Jar Jar get deleted from the saga.  And yet others love him.  From an author stand point Karen Traviss’s Star Wars works are a lot like Jar Jar- you either LOVE them, HATE them, or like them only so far.

Which is funny- since Karen is the one who’s recent contributions have made the fandom divides more etched out.  Then there is the recent “True Fans” statements about the Mandalorians, which would be safer to say a “True EU Fan” since the Mandalorians have factored as a MAJOR element only in the EU, the movies and tv shows have left the Mandalorians a small thing.

Is it not loving Star Wars in ANY form that makes you a True Fan?  Heck I’d say a TRUE FAN is a person not afraid to admit their love for a fictional universe in public, or were Star Wars t-shirts almost daily, or have a Star Wars Book in their hand everyday.

I mean what are we using as the basis here?  Are my kids Frakked from being “True Fans” because of when they were born?

“Sorry kid, you were born after the tv shows” or “Aren’t you a little young to remember drive ins??”

I mean we have enough things going on here- you’ve got different ends of a timeline where all sorts of events range depending on the era one lived, beyond that you have the whole vision thing- whose vision of Star Wars do you enjoy most?  What characters do you most enjoy?

I say lets focus on the things that are cool.  Oh wait can’t do that either cause we ALL can’t agree.  Can we?

Quick show of hands: Who liked Darth Maul?  Who hated him?

See even there- someone hates him.

So lets just keep the label simple- do you like Star Wars or don’t you?
No more drawing lines, you either take the good with the bad for better or worse or you don’t.

I’m sick of division in Fandom, I read Star Wars to escape political bs not to walk into more labels.  I thought Uber-Geek was the last title I’d have beyond Jedi.

I mean call yourself a ‘True Fan’ all day long, that’s fine, just don’t say someone else isn’t one because their outlook on Star Wars differs then yours.  To each their own.

Well I’m done ranting about this: May the Force be with us, for we’re already making things interesting…..

Man I sit here and think about the fact that Star Wars Legacy is about to end and get bummed.  I mean what a great run it’s been!  But I fear for the future here, I mean I was REALLY looking forward to more of the Mandalorians, did Mando-turned-Stormtrooper-turned-Rogue-Squadron-pilot-turned-Mando-again Hondo Karr find and kill Yaga Auchs and become the next Mand’alor?  What has become of the Alliance?  The Imperial Knights?  Heck the JEDI!  Where are my Solo’s!  (I’m pretty sure they are you Fel’s 😉  But what of Allana Solo?) C3p0?  Yes I even wonder about those Droid heads in issue 48, please don’t tell me one of those was him! lol

So much of this series appeals to me, and I’m sure to many Star Wars Expanded Universe Fans.  I hope that the folks with the power keep this vibrant era alive in some form or fashion!  I’m even more curious to know some of the past histories of more of these characters!  What’s going on with the rest of the galaxy?  John and Jan have not once left me wanting, and I don’t doubt they will now, but I still don’t want it to end!  With only 2 more issues left the Legacy story will be concluded and my questions might all be answered.  Time will tell. But either way I want more of this end of the timeline!

Alright readers and would be followers!  Time to step up to the button!  Your Mand’alor is calling it is time to “Click” “I will follow you IR2” and follow me into battle! (A.K.A. subscribe to this Star Wars RSS feed!)

Heed the call!

Wow, all these crazy tie ins, I’m just floored!  First we have Starkiller officially a clone, followed by crazy site challenges and fun clues.  We had the epic trailer for The Old Republic MMO, Deceived.  Then came the Fatal Alliance and Deceived novel tie in announcements.  Webcomics coming to print, new worlds to explore and familiar ones with a new spin!

What does it all mean?  Well it seems clear that with the Star Wars: Legacy comic series ending and with it closing that end of the Era for now, the Star Wars Saga is delving into the past!  That’s right!  When you couple these projects with the Knights Errant comic series and Novel tie in by John Jackson Miller, the past is about to be blown wide open!

Look forward to Mandalorian pawns, Sith Lords, and Jedi on the defense, as well as epic battles both in space and with lightsabers and Force mastery!  The Light and the Dark collide in a struggle for the Galaxy, one to free it the other to control it!

Sorry, I’m just in shock- somehow I must get a new PC to play this epic Star Wars game… drat!  Then there is the next gen console, or I guess I could just go PC and play The Force Unleashed 2 on the PC as well.  So many options, all requiring plenty of money.  But dang if it doesn’t look like a spectacular story!  Look forward to The Force Unleashed 2, this fall, and TOR the MMO by next year.

And as always, May the Force be with you…