The Yuuzhan Vong Have arrived!

Star Wars: Invasion

Issue #0

Refugees: Prologue

  • Script: Tom Taylor
  • Art: Colin Wilson
  • Colors: Wes Dzioba
  • Letters: Michael Heisler
  • Cover Art: Dave Dorman


Era: New Jedi Order-
(Twenty-five years after the battle of Yavin and beyond)

As this era begins Luke Skywalker had unified the Jedi Order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights.  It was a time of relative peace, yet darkness approached on the horizon.  Now, Skywalker’s descendants face new and resurgent threats to the galaxy, and to the balance of the Force.

The events of this story take place
twenty-five years
after the Battle of Yavin.

REFUGEES  Prologue

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is rebuilding the Jedi Order, and has formed a Jedi Academy to train new students as Jedi Knights, protectors of the weak and upholders of peace.

Still, not all is right in the galaxy.  While the Sith are no longer a threat, there are other things to fear…

For a series starter, this one packs a punch.

Invasion #0 collects the series of online comics released prior to the Invasion series opener.  It starts with a ship, the Pythea, on the edge of space, the crew; a Wookiee named Sarkkin, and his Chiss copilot Panha.  The two end up pick up an emergency distress call.  It is none other then Arbeloa; (the captured man on the Yuuzhan Vong slave ship from the earlier issues) and he’s none other then our mystery broadcaster, some days before his capture it appears.  Truly he is the last of his people- a warrior race (Very similar to the Spartans in 300 I noticed) who tried to stand against the Yuuzhan Vong.  And failed.

Arbeloa (his name’s never given in this issue) is using the message as a warning, RUN.  Do not fight, just flee.

Being a Chiss, Panha has a better idea of what’s going down.  She runs to the navigation station and drops the ship from hyperspace.  There is the Armada- heading straight for Artorias and our Invasion #1 opener.

Panha drives their ship towards Artorias at full speed desperately trying to warn the planet. (And also drops that the Chiss have been fighting the Yuuzhan Vong before- something we would normally learn farther into the NJO series arc.)

Meanwhile on the planet Artorias we discover that the planets communications center is not working.  The reason- a Yuuzhan Vong imposter!  The Yuuzhan Vong agent has been sabotaging the comm.  And he happened to be in the room when the call from Panha came through.  He tells the Wookiee and Chiss that their message has been received and good luck.  But was he wishing them luck or the boarding party that has just locked onto the Pythea?

After the Vong enter the Pythea a brutal hand to hand fight in close quarters erupts.  When it’s over, Panha comes stumbling to Sarkkin; both are injured badly.  They decide not to be taken alive, and sacrifice themselves and their ship- they set a collision course with a Vong cruiser.  The collision inadvertently destroys the ship making the Pythea responsible for one of the first strikes against the Yuuzhan Vong!

Among the carnage left by the attack, a Yoric-Vec (the Vong’s equivalent to a shuttle) lists dead in space.  Inside Tslok (the same Vong Finn will later spare) stands bloodied, and decided this galaxy has welcomed him with death and violence, and hence forth he likes it.

Next we are treated to scenes playing out across the galaxy; the first one is of an important transaction taking place on Nar Shaddaa. (This one scene screams there is more to this then the Refugee arc!)   We see Arbeloa in his current place on the wall inside the Slave ship being beaten.  Grand Master Luke Skywalker ponders the Darkness he fells approaching in the Force as he watches the Solo children practice with Master Le’ung on Yavin 4.

On Artorias the Galfridian family celebrates the Kings birthday. (We discover that PROWL is a gift for the King from Finn, which Finn’s father suggests Finn hold until the bugs are out of the programming.)  This will also be the last meal the family has together.  And not only are things looking bad for Artorias, we learn that the Yuuzhan Vong are already there!

The issue ends inside the Millennium Falcon, with a grieving Han Solo alone in the cockpit.  He finds one of Chewies’ hairs and realizes that there will be less of Chewie around, but with the Yuuzhan Vong in the Galaxy more lives will fall to their ferocity.

The Yuuzhan Vong HAVE ARRIVED!