Refugees part 1 of 4

It's not your Galaxy anymore Luke Skywalker!

Star Wars: Invasion

Issue #1

Refugees: Part 1 of 5

  • Script: Tom Taylor
  • Art: Colin Wilson
  • Colors: Wes Dzioba
  • Letters: Michael Heisler
  • Cover Art: Jo Chen

Era: New Jedi Order-
(25 years after the battle of Yavin and beyond)

As this era begins Luke Skywalker had unified the Jedi Order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights.  It was a time of relative peace, yet darkness approached on the horizon.  Now, Skywalker’s descendants face new and resurgent threats to the galaxy, and to the balance of the Force.

The events of this story take place
twenty-five years
after the Battle of Yavin.

REFUGEES  Part 1 of 5

Approximately twenty-five years after the battle of Yavin, the galaxy has been rid of the evil Empire, and a New Republic has been formed.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is rebuilding the Jedi Order, and has formed a Jedi Academy to train new students as Jedi Knights, protectors of the weak and upholders of peace.

Still, not all is right in the galaxy.  While the Sith are no longer a threat, there are other things to fear…

Part on of the new Invasion series kicks off with a view of the invaders coming through hyperspace.  As a long time favorite, the New Jedi Order book series was my favorite, and to see the ships of the Yuuzhan Vong right there in the first page!  I knew then this was a series to collect.

Colin Wilson’s art is incredible! And the choices of colors make this comic feel very Star Wars.  The main character Finn Galfridian is the son of ex rebel hero of Hoth; Caled Galfridian now King of Artorias.

Unknown to Artorias the Vong have already landed troops, the invaders attack before anyone has a chance to know what’s happening.

Finn’s mother and sister happen to be in the middle of the city and get captured by the Vong.  King Caled, upon hearing the sounds of war springs to action rallying forces not to repel the invaders, but to aid in the evacuation of Artorias.

Trapped in the hangers of the spaceport the soon to be refugees find that the starships have all been sabotaged.  With no other choice- Caled rallies men to defend the hanger while Finn and others repair the ships so the people of Artorias can escape the invaders wrath.  Just as the hanger doors fall down and all looks lost…….

…there stands a man alone in a court of Vong Warrior bodies, that man is none other then Luke Skywalker!  (Now for me this was my first gripe- And how was Luke dropping everything going on in Vector Prime to come here? But ok so Artorias is really close to Dubrillion. And apparently Luke needed to get these refugees off world before moving the rest of the Dubrillion refugees.  )

Luke embraces his old friend and tells him he came with transports.  Caled refused to leave without his family- his daughter and wife are still missing.  He asks Luke to take Finn with him.  When Finn refuses Caled informs him that the Artorian people still needed a King.  Reluctantly agreeing Finn goes with Skywalker to the transports.

While the refugees press on, Caled and his men desperately try to hold the invaders back to buy the refugee’s precious time.

As Luke and Finn get near the transports Luke informs Finn that he would like Finn to join him at the Jedi Academy.  (Making Finn Force Sensitive and on track to become a Jedi- this is my only other complaint- I feel I’ve seen this before. I’m hoping the series decides to make him a washout, that the closest Finn gets to being a Jedi is hanging with some and weak power displays- but that’s me.)

Part one ends with parting shots of Finn who is moving on to something new. Finn’s mom and sister are left in uncertainty, as prisoners of the Vong, And His Father and others surrounded by Vong and fighting to the end.  But it ends: “one thing is certain there’s no going back.”

For a start to a series I found this one action packed.  There was also online content for Invasion #0, which will see print October 14 2009, which set the tone of the comic series.  This is one of 2 Star Wars comic series I collect in singles instead of waiting for Trade Paperback because I find it that good.  Plus with most singles you will get extras at the end that won’t make its way into the Trade.  Things like Language definition and concept art to vehicle profiles and so on.  I highly recommend this comic!

Review Score: 4.5
4.5/5.0 Kath Hounds