Face to Face with the Enemy!

Star Wars: Invasion

Issue #3

Refugees: Part 3 of 5

  • Script: Tom Taylor
  • Art: Colin Wilson
  • Colors: Wes Dzioba
  • Letters: Michael Heisler
  • Cover Art: Jo Chen


Era: New Jedi Order-
(Twenty-five years after the battle of Yavin and beyond)

As this era begins Luke Skywalker had unified the Jedi Order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights.  It was a time of relative peace, yet darkness approached on the horizon.  Now, Skywalker’s descendants face new and resurgent threats to the galaxy, and to the balance of the Force.

The events of this story take place
twenty-five years
after the Battle of Yavin.

REFUGEES Part 3 of 5

The Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the planet of Artorias has scattered Prince Finn Galfridian’s family.  His mother and sister were taken aboard a Vong ship while his father remained on Artorias to lead resistance efforts.

Evacuated from his homeworld—along with as much of the population as the New Republic could save—Finn wants nothing more than to attempt to rescue his mother and sister and join his father in fighting the Yuuzhan Vong.  But Luke Skywalker transferred Finn to Yavin 4, singling him out for Jedi training.

When word comes that the Yuuzhan Vong have launched an attack on the planet Rychel, Luke decides that Finn is ready for his first real test…

Part three of the new Invasion series starts off with a small fleet of New Republic ships and X-wing starfighter squadrons in orbit over Rychel.  Cut to the flagship interior–Masters Le’ung and Skywalker are briefing New Republic troops; we get a holo of a Chazrach. (not quite what I was expecting but close enough- the dialog here confused me a little.  The last one ended with Luke wanting to bring Finn along, yet now Luke’s making it seem like it was all Finn’s idea?  Perhaps it’s just a test on the Jedi Masters part)

The bay doors open and we are treated to a sight!  Colin and Wes have done it again!  The shot is of the city, and people are in the center of town square being rounded up by Warriors and siege creatures.  Beautiful work!

Luke tells Le’ung to distract the siege beasts while he goes after the prisoners.  Then it goes to Finn’s point of view as he watches Luke flip dive and simply acrobat his way into the thick of it and then rallies the troops. (This to me shows Finn’s obsession with power.  He goes on about Luke being a simple farm boy {is this prejudice from the rich Prince starting to show itself?} who became powerful and is now beyond powerful- he’s seen as Incredible. Which he is, but as seen from a perspective Jedi- could spell danger or disaster later.)  While Finn’s slack jawed “Whoa” Le’ung reminds him they have to keep the siege beasts distracted.

Cut to the inside of the Slave ship Tsam P’ah sitting in orbit over Artorias while the planet finishes going through the throes of Vong-forming.  Kaye is trying to reach her mother- but her mom is in too much shock- she’s shut down mentally.  The man strapped to the wall from last issue starts talking to Kaye- agreeing he’s dangerous which was why he was restrained, and that Kaye is dangerous too- because the Vong don’t see her as a threat and she is.  She gets called off to see Commander Sha’kel and she complies seemingly willingly and ready to serve.  The man goes on to himself that the Vong don’t see her for what she is, and that she should be bound as well.  (I’m still not sure yet if he trusts her or not due to the way he’s drawn and the things he says, he could just as easily be calling her a traitor to her people it’s tough to say yet.)

Back to Rychel an X-wing pilot gets too close to the snake beast and gets eaten.  Le’ung and Finn are in the thick of it, and Le’ung asks Finn if he can feel the Beast emanating Fear which is making fighting it hard since the troops want to run.  Le’ung makes a stand and calls on the Force to calm the men and make them see the beast as just a big snake and nothing more to fear.  While he’s focused on this Commander Tsalok sneaks up behind him and runs him through with his amphistaff.  (now up till this point I was starting to get the feeling Finn has been apprenticed to Le’ung, but as Le’ung’s lightsaber falls to the ground and deactivates Le’ung is flung from the Warriors spear- right into the jaws of the Siege beast! (Now had it eaten him whole I’d say he could have been just captured- but no it bit him almost in half with a SCRUNTCH!)

At the sight of Le’ung’s death, the troops fall apart- Finn stops them from running and to stand ground.  Then grabs Le’ung’s saber and ignites it reading himself.  It is Finn, not Luke who commands them to fire back.  (Which I found that odd- is this another possible character trait for Finn?)

Back on the slave ship Tsam P’ah, The tied up man asks Kaye if she’s gained the commanders trust, she says almost.  He questions her loyalties, and tells her if she frees him he will fight for her. (She’s the Princess why wouldn’t he though?) Kaye pretty much has the same idea- there are more prisoners then guards.  The man asks her to promise him the head of Commander Sha’kel which she accepts.

Back on Rychel Luke calls out that the ships are almost full and to pull back.  Finn though sees a child up on a balcony.  As he sees the child, Commander Tsalok is back, apparently Jeedai hunting, and now Finn’s holding Le’ung’s blade.  Commander Tsalok takes to chasing Finn.  Finn meanwhile takes out two Vong warriors with his blaster as they press the family that Finn discovers on the balcony.  Re igniting the blade Finn takes the boy and starts down towards the evacuation ships.  Commander Tsalok only cares about battling a Jedi.  So much so he doesn’t realize the building is coming down.  Dropping the kid, Finn raises his borrowed blade to deflect Commander Tsalok’s strike.

Just then we get an outside shot of Luke inquiring as to Finn’s location.  A trooper tells him he ran into the building—just as the building is laid to waste by the other Siege beast with Finn inside!

Back of Artorias the Vong have finished changing the landscape.  Suddenly the biotech is victim to an explosion.  There is resistance on Artorias!  Then we see Dulac friend of Finn’s father in the Embrace of Pain, being tortured just because the Vong like pain.  (Nice to see one in action!)

Back to Rychel Finn is holding up the ceiling of the destroyed building with his newfound Telekinesis (now this makes me wonder- is he SUPER strong in the Force? Or has more time taken place between issues 1 and 3?) Finn tells the family to head to the ships then discovers Commander Tsalok pinned under a beam.  Finn takes a chance to vent his feelings while Luke watches from below.  This is one of those character moments; will he take the unarmed and trapped Vong’s life?  Or spare it?

In the end he cuts the beam off of the Vong.  Commander Tsalok doesn’t understand what happened or why.  Finn just stares him down the end of the saber and says “Learn.” (How little Finn knows of the Vong eh?)

Finn joins Luke on the ship where Luke tells him well done and they lift off.  Commander Tsalok watches unable to comprehend why he still lives.  A Chazrach tells him they have a group of old and weak prisoners, which Commander Tsalok being a Yuuzhan Vong and not knowing the concept of mercy kills every one.

It ends with Finn watching the world of Rychel out the viewport, unable to understand why they couldn’t save everyone.  He wants to go back and help Master Le’ung.  Luke tells him Le’ung is gone (he’d know being a Master and all he had to have felt Le’ung join the Force.  As Finn slumps to the floor in tears Luke discovers that he senses HOLES in Finn; that pieces of Finn are missing…..

Invasion continues to keep me entertained.  I have my little things, but they are nothing in the overall story.  I’m curious where this story will go in the end.  I just don’t see Finn becoming a full Jedi.  More like he’ll be a lot like Dani Quee.  Some one who gave the Order a shot and didn’t have what it took to commit to the life.  The battles are great, I hope to see some space battles soon too.  Le’ung’s death one episode after his introduction was a little surprising, but then this series I expect to see a lot of characters come and go.  Overall the comic is still on track!

Review Score: 4.0
4.0/5.0 Kath Hounds