Breaking Free and Breaking some heads!

Star Wars: Invasion

Issue #4

Refugees: Part 4 of 5

  • Script: Tom Taylor
  • Art: Colin Wilson
  • Colors: Wes Dzioba
  • Letters: Michael Heisler
  • Cover Art: Jo Chen


Era: New Jedi Order-
(Twenty-five years after the battle of Yavin and beyond)

As this era begins Luke Skywalker had unified the Jedi Order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights.  It was a time of relative peace, yet darkness approached on the horizon.  Now, Skywalker’s descendants face new and resurgent threats to the galaxy, and to the balance of the Force.

The events of this story take place
twenty-five years
after the Battle of Yavin.

REFUGEES  Part 4 of 5

On the planet Rychel, Finn Galfridian has tested his anger against the Vong and succeeded in keeping it tempered—even showing mercy to the leader of the attacking Vong, Tsalok—while helping Rychel in the same way that Luke Skywalker helped Artorias.

Kaye and Nina are still aboard the Vong slave ship.  While Nina has lapsed into an unresponsive state, Kaye had been learning what she can about the Vong and begun plotting an escape with Arbeloa, another prisoner, whom the Vong find dangerous enough to chain.

Neither Kaye nor Finn is ready to act on their plans for escape and rescue, Kaye bides her time.  Finn prepares for a mission to discover more secrets of the Yuuzhan Vong—aboard the Millennium Falcon!

Part four of Refugees begins inside a Yuuzhan Vong structure, as Tsalok ponders his continued existence at the merciful hands of Finn.  All he can focus on is finding Finn and demanding an answer, beating it out of Finn seems preferred. I really enjoyed the opening artwork for the inside of the Vong biotech.  (Though I wish they would have stated what kind of creature it was I figure it must be a Grashal since they are on the planet, but it wasn’t stated.)

Next scene we are treated to a nice little overhead of the Falcon sitting outside the Grand Temple on Yavin 4.  At first I was apprehensive about seeing the Falcon since Han and Leia’s coping with the loss of Chewie was so central to the NJO story arc.  But it was handled fabulously! Luke thanks his sister for bringing Finn along on a mission he’s sending the Solo group- Leia, Jaina, Jace, Anakin, and Lowie.  Han though was not present- I liked how they handled it- he lends then the Falcon for the trip; it felt like it worked well with Han’s grief in Onslaught and Ruin.

Once more we are treated to an image of a defiant Chewie yelling at the moon that kills him- this has become quite the iconic EU scene I’ve noticed.  As the group finishes the flight checklist, Lowie asks if he could sit in his Uncles chair.  That was probably my favorite scene in the whole issue, that, and the next three panels that followed.  They take off for Nar Shaddaa; leaving Luke standing out on the landing as Mara Jade walks up.  The scene between husband and wife is dead on!  They managed to capture the feel of Luke and Mara from the books in 3 small panels! Kudos!

Back to Artorias, the resistance there is like none the Vong have faced before.  They have searched the planet and cannot find what is causing the destruction, but we the readers know.  What looks like the classic “Swamp Thing” is seen coming out of the water setting explosives and fleeing back to the seas unseen.  Who are these beings?  You’ll see.

We again cut to the Vong slave ship; the time to strike is growing near. Kaye is setting her plans into motion; she and Arbeloa have been busy preparing for the moment to strike.

When Leia and company reach Nar Shaddaa there is a very humorous exchange between Leia and the kids about buying a Deeb.   As the group goes into the city, Finn realizes he left his droid Prowl behind on the ship and heads back to retrieve it.  When he gets there who do we find on Nar Shaddaa?  Mr. Solo!  Of all the planets!! Hey I thought “I can see that!” And the way he was drawn was top notch!  I felt that his “look” was as poor as he felt.  (Sounds bad, but it fit the character if that makes sense.)  He manages to still have a grim sense of humor though, and manages to get in a few “Dating my Daughter” lines.   Poor Finn, tough year.

On the slave ship Tsam P’ah the rebellion has begun, and not just there we discover.  On the planet’s surface another attack is being carried out, and for Dulac his days of torture at the hands of the Vong have come to an end.  The “swamp” people grab him and drag him underwater, as he struggles a breather is fit over his face, and he’s brought towards a light in the distance…

Back on the Falcon before Finn gets blasted by Han, Leia comes to his rescue.  Dismissing Finn, Leia and Han get into a discussion, as it shifts to their kids and Anakin in particular Han’s pain has him shut down.  Finn though has Prowl so he heard the entire conversation.  Having felt the loss of his family first hand Finn tells Solo not to “be an idiot over this” that life is too precious and that you will run out of time to say I love you to your family if you don’t make the time.

It ends with a great little montage about fathers and sons.  And as Dulac is taken to an under sea dome he is surrounded by the “Swamp” men.  King Caled, alive and well, is one of the men inside the costumes and he welcomes Dulac to the Artorian Resistance!  You knew he wasn’t going out fighting like that last issue right?!

So Star Wars: Invasion’s Refugees story arc feels at home in the New Jedi Order era.  Though at times it may feel as though the events in the comic series are more spread out then they are presented in the novel series.  The series so far has managed to find creative ways to keep events moving, and bring in all of our favorite “Big 3” characters as well as other EU fan favorites. (Can you say Lowbacca!) This issue sets up the story for one heck of an epic climax, so stay tuned true believers!

Review Score: 4.5
4.5/5.0 Kath Hounds