Risking Everything for Yuuzhan Vong Secrets!

Star Wars: Invasion

Issue #5

Refugees: Part 5 of 5

  • Script: Tom Taylor
  • Art: Colin Wilson
  • Colors: Wes Dzioba
  • Letters: Michael Heisler
  • Cover Art: Jo Chen


Era: New Jedi Order-
(Twenty-five years after the battle of Yavin and beyond)

As this era begins Luke Skywalker had unified the Jedi Order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights.  It was a time of relative peace, yet darkness approached on the horizon.  Now, Skywalker’s descendants face new and resurgent threats to the galaxy, and to the balance of the Force.

The events of this story take place
twenty-five years
after the Battle of Yavin.

REFUGEES  Part 5 of 5

Across the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong have invaded.  Luke Skywalker leads the Jedi Order to aid planets under attack while also trying to discover the secrets behind these strange, powerful assailants.

The planet of Artorias was one of those taken.  Prince Finn Galfridian escaped with several citizens and traveled to Yavin 4 to train as a Jedi; his mother, Nina, and sister, Kaye, were imprisoned by the Yuuzhan Vong; and his father, Caled, remained behind with hope of leading a resistance.

Finn has taken a break from training with Luke and traveled to Nar Shaddaa with Princess Leia and her children to discover useful information about the Yuuzhan Vong.  Aboard the slave ship where they have been held, Kaye leads a revolution of prisoners along with the dangerous Arbeloa, another victim of the Yuuzhan Vong and the last of his race.

The exciting conclusion of Invasion’s first story arc has arrived.  And it has DELIVERED!  As this one kicked off I found that I was actually skeptical.  I wasn’t sure if this story arc was going to be able to have a satisfying wrap up to it since so much was going on in the last one.  But what I discovered was that the deeper I read in this issue the more enthralled I became.  Kudos to Tom Taylor and gang on a successful launch to a new line!  I look forward to the continued tale of the New Jedi Order!

When the story kicks off the revolution lead by Finn’s sister Kaye has just came to an end on the Vong slave ship, Tsam P’ah.  There is a bit of action then the story continues moving to Nar Shaddaa and a panoramic point of view by Prowl.  Finn is using the Droid to follow Jacen Solo and Lowbacca and observes them bumping into Dahal the crook who swiped Jacen’s credit’s last issue.  Turns out he’s also connected to the data they need.  Finn uses Prowl to follow the crook.  On his trip he crosses a vagrant on the street.  The man asks Finn “what” he is. He goes on about Finn’s face, creeps Finn out a bit, but Finn’s on a mission and needs to follow Dahal.  Again the man gets all cryptic and as he leaves Finn he mentions Finn’s full name.  (This is important but we don’t know why yet.  Finn never told this man his name, and yet the man knew it.  And Finn never put that together…..something for later I think!)

Finn though has more important things- Dahal is coming back forcing him to leap from a ledge to dangle from a neon sign, giving us our “cover shot.”  Finn tells Prowl to continue on and find their ‘mark’ so the mission is a success.

Once more we are taken back on the Tsam P’ah, the fighting is all but a mop up operation at this point.  It was a fierce battle, but in the end the slaves prevailed.  In the chaos of the battle on the slave ship, the Queen looks down on Artorias through a membrane and snaps out of her catatonic state.  Meanwhile Kaye and Arbeloa enter Commander Sha’Kel’s command chamber to end his command of the ship.  After all Kaye promised Arbeloa Sha’Kel’s head…

Now we flash to Nar Shaddaa and the Falcon’s berth; Finn has the information about the contact.  As he approaches the ship he notices Jacen and Jaina sitting with Lowbacca under the ship.  Finn notices something is wrong; that being Han’s departure in issue 4.  Finn charges into the ship rushed for time.  Inside Leia is having a heart filled conversation with young Anakin Solo about his father and their relationship as well as Chewbacca’s death.  Finn starts to get impulsive and Leia quickly sets him straight- Anakin is the priority and the war can wait.  (Go Leia!) She tells Anakin Han’s grief will take time, but he’ll do the right thing given that time.

The page ends with Leia placing her hands on her youngest’s shoulder and forehead as tears run down his eyes.  She tells him she’s sorry he has “to be the bigger man.” (That one panel held so much emotion that it immediately became one of my favorite Star Wars comic scenes of all time.  Right next to Vader stabbing himself to get at the clone of Maul.)

With the family drama aside the Solo group storms into the bar to confront their informant, sabers blazing.  Lowbacca stands tall saber lit and we are treated to one of the best lines of the series thus far; “Seriously? A Wookiee—with a Lightsaber!  That’s just overkill.” (Thank you Tom Taylor!)  So the fight ends before it really begins and the Vratix and the Solo group are all snuggled into a booth discussing the new arrangements.

The last bit of the story starts on Artorias under the seas.  King Caled is discussing the undersea base and how it came to be with the recently released Dulac.

Meanwhile the Vratix hands Leia a Holocron.  Leia notes that it was a strange device to hold the information.  When the Holocron activates it shows the group a Yuuzhan Vong agent, and as it continues Finn realizes it’s someone he knows!  None other then Dulac himself!

Back on the Tsam P’ah Kaye is relieved to see her mother back to normal.  Arbeloa we see cross the frame with his promised trophy! (Good for you Mr. Spartan!) The Queen realizes the ship can be used to help refugees, but has no idea how to command the ship since it’s an organic living thing.  Kaye takes her to Sha’Kel’s command chair where the Queen decides to interface with the craft, as she does the slender tendrils of the chair stab deep into her face and forehead.  As Kaye screams out her mother’s name the Queen responds that “everything’s alright,” right before she takes the ship to hyperspace fleeing Artorias with all the refugees aboard ending the first arc.

With the conclusion of the arc I gave this one a 5 of 5!  And felt it was well deserved.  It brought themes that are central to this point in the NJO era to the forefront, while still keeping the story centered on Finn.  For the first arc of the series this one brings lots of questions to be answered at a later time.  It also leaves you wanting more, while at the same time giving the fans things that they have been dying to see for a long while.  So if you have not read a copy of Invasion yet, it is high time you did!

Review Score: 4.5
5.0/5.0 Kath Hounds